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Patrick Minor
Lifestyle Creator, 20+ Millions followers across all.
Patrick's captivating content has won over the hearts of millions, as he shares glimpses of his free-spirited life, entertaining moments, and heartwarming interactions with his beloved pet cat.
Don't miss out! Follow Patrick's lead and dive into the world of MyyShop. Join Patrick and the MyyShop community today, and let your lifestyle adventures begin!
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Dominique Romero
Fashion/Home Creator, 545 Thousand followers on TikTok
Introducing Dominique, a delightful everyday blogger with a passion for all things pink! With an impressive following of 545K on TikTok, Dominique's content radiates pure girlish charm and exuberance. Even as a devoted mom, she embraces her love for Barbie and Hello Kitty, sharing all things kawaii and youthful.
Recently, Dominique has joined MyyShop's "Girl's New Dream" Barbie-themed campaign. You won't want to miss out on what she has handpicked from this collection of dreamy items to share with everyone. Come join the fun and bask in the whimsical world of Dominique on MyyShop!
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Carly Sylvia
Lifestyle Creator,189 Thousand followers on TikTok
Introducing Carly Sylvia, a lifestyle creator with an impressive following of 189K on TikTok. Carly's content revolves around showcasing the beauty of everyday life with finesse and elegance. Recently, she has joined MyyShop, and her selection of ice skating products has captured the hearts of her fans.
Join Carly on TikTok and MyyShop to explore her refined and delightful approach to daily living. Follow along as she continues to inspire and enchant her audience with her unique style and passion for all things graceful.
Come discover the world of Carly Sylvia, where sophistication meets charm, on both TikTok and MyyShop!
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